EPC Solutions

Our company, which has successfully completed many national and international projects with its knowledge and strong engineering staff for more than 20 years, offers turn-key Engineering, Supply and Installation (EPC) services in the solar energy sector. Our company, which has organized all the processes from project planning of SPP to commissioning with strong project management experience, completed many projects "on time" and "right way".
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Subcontracting Solutions

We offer highly flexible solutions to meet different needs in solar energy sector. We can work with investors or main EPC companies. In this context, we offer mechanical and electrical installation services. In mechanical installation work, we can provide services including pile driving, drilling, structure(tracker or fixed-tilted) installation, solar module assembly.
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Operation&Maintenance and Remote Monitoring

Our sister company ARAH Energy, which performs Operation&Maintenance and Remote Monitoring of 40MWp solar power plant, is known in the sector with its professional solutions. Reactive / inductive monitoring, Performance Ratio (PR) measurement, IV curve tests, Thermal monitoring(Drone and Handheld camera ), String monitoring, Torque and mechanical controls, regeneration of ground
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